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1st time shoplifting

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11st time shoplifting Empty 1st time shoplifting on Sat Feb 14, 2015 8:59 am


My question involves criminal law for the state of: NJ
My wife was caught shoplifting from (store name removed) in NJ, it was mostly with food with a total value of $170 it was the first time she ever did something like that. she was not arrested thou they did take all her information including her S.S# what got me upset was the way it was handled. I understand it was very wrong however I felt that being pushed physically because they wanted her to walk to a room was uncalled for also after they retrieved everything and about 15 minutes into asking her questions she asked to go to the bathroom she was denied there were other females coming in and out of the room and I asked them why cant she go to the bathroom with another female they just said no because they don't know if she will steal something (which was ridicules they kept her there for about 45 minutes and no mater what would not let her go to the bathroom (she asked them at least 6-7 times to just let her go to the bathroom with a female escort) when they were finally done they still wouldn't let her go to the bathroom and by the time she was taken out of the store being so nervous she wind out going in the car as she had no longer control. I totally understand that she did something wrong but to treat anyone this way was also very wrong again it was the first time something like that happen and I know it will NEVER happen again What do we have to do? Thank you for your time

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21st time shoplifting Empty Re: 1st time shoplifting on Sat Feb 14, 2015 9:04 am

First off I am sorry you went through this. Ok that's over. Far as "The push" goes take it up with Store Manager or corporate. Most retailers Loss Prevention departments have a clear policy on physical contact and its very possible this "push" violated it. It wont change things far as the theft goes but unless she was resisting there was no call to push her. Far as going to the bathroom goes they had NO obligation to escort or allow her to go. I know this is and was frustrating but again they ha dno obligation to allow this.

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