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1Shoplifting Empty Shoplifting on Mon Feb 09, 2015 7:05 pm


Jurisdiction / State: Texas

I was caught shoplifting at a retail store. I'm an adult. I know it was very stupid n I'm very guilty. I took some cosmetics. Not sure but I think the total is below $35. I was taken to a room at the back and they took my id and took down my address n phone number. I was very cooperative I gave back all the items n also told them to check my purse if they wanted but they dint. They did not call the police I was terrified n asked them if they will send the police later, they said they won't
After taking my photo and details they let me off and gave a paper n told I will get a letter in 14 days and if I dint I should call the 1800 number. I read about it and people say it's civil demand. How much is this likely to be?
Also once I pay this is it over? I ant to get done with this and do not want my husband to know about it.
I'm extremely terrified as I'm a foreigner and il be visiting my country in 2 months will it affect my travel to leave use and return back.
I plan to at the civil demand asap.
I know what I did was wrong n I learnt my lesson and I'm terrified beyond words no sleep food etc.
Also I was not told that I shouldn't return to the store but should I avoid it anyway?
Will I get any legal notice? This happens 4 days ago I haven't got anything yet and as I said earlier police were not involved.


Yes you may email me directly. Read "About Us" topic
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2Shoplifting Empty Re: Shoplifting on Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:20 am

The letter will come from stores Law firm and should be around $300.00

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