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Caught shoplifting makeup in VA

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1Caught shoplifting makeup in VA Empty Caught shoplifting makeup in VA on Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:41 pm


So I'm 19 years old and live in Virginia and about two weeks ago I made the stupid decision to steal a make-up product that was about $50 from a (store name removed) that's located inside a (store name removed). They caught me and took me to the back office and made me sign some papers, get some information and gave me a citation for court. I feel like an idiot for me stealing because it's obviously not worth it at all... This was my first time and I have absolutely nothing on my record. I cooperated with them and they also had a police officer come in. I'm now banned from the mall and will be having to go to court. My questions are.....1. What should I all be expecting in the mail? I already received a civil demand letter (i think) that says I need to pay $84.00.. is there anything else supposed to be coming in the mail? I'm trying to stay on top of it so my parents won't see my mail lol. 2. What should I expect at court? 3. Will this be on my record forever and can I get it removed? 4. Should I plea guilty or not guilty? I can not afford a lawyer, but do have enough money to pay off the court fees. 5. What all should I be expecting to pay for and how much do you think it will all be? I'm scared to go to court because I never have been there and don't know what to say or expect. I plan not to tell my parents because I don't want them apart of it and to break their hearts. I got myself into this mess and am going to get myself out of it. Please give me advice and answer my questions! Thank you

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2Caught shoplifting makeup in VA Empty Re: Caught shoplifting makeup in VA on Mon Jan 26, 2015 1:10 pm

1. The Civil Demand should be only letter unless your court date is coming via mail. By the way pay this soon as you can to avoid long term consequences.
2. Expect nothing. Plead not guilty and either request public defender or hire an Attorney
3. Talk to your Attorney about plea deals that can keep a conviction off your record.
4. Already answered see question 2
5. Fines should be less than $500.00 plus any classes they request you take

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