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Safe posting advice and tips

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Before posting about an issue be sure you read and understand what your doing and who your talking to. This is a good read is tells you the truth about legal forums they aren't what you think. However here we are talking about Retail theft. I can tell you that some stores actually have staff who monitor the internet for issues that might concern their employer. Yes they are watching! Not to mention if your posting about shoplifting or internal theft there can be Loss Prevention staff or others who see what your posting. Example lets say you work for JC Penney and you took some cash from your register. You post a question on a legal forum but there are also Loss Prevention people on site. They see their employers name and turn what info you post or question more and turn this over to JC Penney's at your location. You have now given an online confession. Its that simple. Use caution when posting do not give names, places etc. Be aware of where your posting and whom you are talking to. I can tell you as the Admin for this site we will edit any post that contains info we feel can harm you. In addition we will not give any one or any agency any info about you without a court order. We want this to be a "safe place". If you have questions or concerns contact any MOD or myself.

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