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Caught shoplifting should I pay Civil demand?

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I have been caught for shoplifting few days ago I have been taken to the police and they gave me just a warning because i have never steal anything before. And now home has arrived a letter from Civil Recovery Solution that the shop where the accident happened are considering to bring a claim against me under the Torts Act 1977 to recover compensation for loss and consequential damages claim value of £178.98
The problem is that the goods I tried to steal we're returned to the shop without any damages and I did not make any damages at all to the store or the goods. I want to ask you for help because I do not know what to do and I am not guilty for what they're accusing me

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This is a common misunderstanding about Civil Demand. Its not about whether or not store got its merchandise back or the condition of it. Its about the cost to protect stores from theft and related issues. Read this it explains it much better

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