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Can I sue store?

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1Can I sue store? Empty Can I sue store? on Thu Feb 26, 2015 7:25 am


Me and my brother were at (store name removed) and walked around put on body spray, and didn't buy anything. We were meeting up with a friend and so we only walk around for a little bit and walk outside buying nothing. We meet up with her and decided to go to walk to my house, we walk behind the store where the trucks come for the stores pick ups the deliverys. We are walking and decide to chill there for a little while, and hear a car coming, we weren't too nervous about it so I just kind of his not trying to much. A person comes up and said "Hey, what's going on back here?" I thought it was just a employee so I ran, to my surprise it was a cop. Then I heard "Get back here or I'm going to tazer your ***!" So I decided to go back because I didn't want to get tazered. I get back there and he makes me lean against a truck and put my hands behind my back, and I feel him putting handcuffs on me and I just said "What the **** did I do?" And he said "I know you shoplifted." I suprised since I had not shoplifted, he bring me go his car and pats me down and checks my pockets and finds nothing and then checks the area where we were standing for items, he finds nothing. He didn't put handcuffs on my female Friend. We are put in the car and asks for my name and I tell him that and where I live and he doesn't believe me. When he finally sees that its me he gets suspicious since I had a shoplifting charge on my record and explain that I was young & stupid... Can I sue?

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2Can I sue store? Empty Re: Can I sue store? on Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:12 am

Anyone may sue anyone at anytime for anything. That is short answer. The real answer is how long do you want to wait and how much are you willing to risk? Anything outside of small claims will require you hire a lawyer. This Lawyer wont work for free unless he is 99.9% sure he can win and collect a fee. If you cannot find such a Lawyer you will need to pay a retainer fee which is likely several thousands. Your best option is to contact store corporate office to complain. They should offer you some kind of gift card

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