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Shoplifted now concerned about future.

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1Shoplifted now concerned about future. Empty Shoplifted now concerned about future. on Mon Jan 26, 2015 7:36 am


I am now 19 and I'm going to apply for university. I am very worried about my past records and how it would affect my chances of entering an university and being employed.

I went to France as an exchange student three years ago, and I got sent back home (my real home) early because of shoplifting

So that time I was with my friends and somehow we decided to steal some makeups from a supermarket. We got caught after doing so as we were leaving, we were taken into a room and signed some papers, my host mother was called there and she paid for the items I've stolen (which I repaid her later). Anyways my friends and I were banned from the supermarket but no police was involved. So could my mistake be in any data base and can the schools and employers check it even if it happened overseas?

I was 16 when I did it and I really regret for what I've done. I was being absolutely stupid and I know I don't deserve any pity:( Everyone really should think before they act!

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2Shoplifted now concerned about future. Empty Re: Shoplifted now concerned about future. on Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:17 am

A CRB (criminal background) will come up with nothing as there were no Police or court date. Even if there was a typical crb does not include any offenses while still a minor. Any retail theft database that "might" have your name is only accessible to another subscriber of same database. Besides many stores and/or databases are not operating due to a law suit brought on by a person whose name was on database. I believe the legal teams of these databases are still trying to find a way to operate without dealing with issue that brought on law suit of The Esteem Database.

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